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Issue #7002 invalid

Annoying repeated emails messages

Washington L Braga Jr
created an issue

Hi all,

I tried to report this on twitter but it looks like I was not understood.

I'm constantly getting repeated mail messages. This is the scenario.

A team mate comments on an issue. I get a mail message for that. Team mate adds another comment to the issue. I get the old comment email message again. Instead of the new one. It keeps happening for all subsequent comments on every issue.

Can you please tell what's happening?

best regards

Comments (5)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Washington

    I'm having trouble reproducing the bug: the scenario I have is an issue assigned to myself and having other people comment on it and update its assignee, etc.

    Each email I receive has only the changes from that new comment or update.

    Would you be able to let me know what repository you are seeing this problem with so that I can see how things are set up? If you don't want to disclose that here, please email support@bitbucket.org with the details.



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