Issue #7005 open

Allow GitHub repository importer to import an organization's repositories (BB-8164)

Nicolas Venegas
created an issue

At the moment when you have connected your GitHub account you can only import repositories that you own.

There is no way to link a bitbucket account with a GitHub organization, so we can't mimic the same operation.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas reporter

    As somewhat of a workaround, the regular importer can use your connected GitHub account to authenticate when importing (meaning you don't have to enter a username and password), but that means having to import the organization's repositories one at a time.

  2. 38 Zeros

    I think Nicolas is saying he wants to be able to import all of an organization's repositories in one click -- like you can with regular user accounts.

  3. Brandon Paluzzi

    How can you use your connected account to authenticate? It continuously fails (authentication error) when I try to use the regular importer, with a connected GitHub account.

  4. Uzair Sajid

    Change the ownership of Repositories at GitHub from Organization to an account on gitHub. Connect that account with Bitbucket and you can start importing all the repos to GitHub.

  5. Dennis Poort

    Uzair Sajid That sounds like a good idea, but only when you have public repositories. In my case, the organization has a rather big price plan for private repositories. Changing owner would mean for me to double the monthly cost, or make everything public which is not an option.

  6. Dennis Poort

    fro_oo I actually invested some hours to import a few hundred repos manually one by one, until I reached a low GitHub price plan. And now continue to migrate as we do work on a repo that's still on GitHub.

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