Export compare output to a file or allow embedding (BB-8169)

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gabe hathaway
created an issue

We're using the compare page to view changes between tags in the repository so we can view all commits between build_a to build_b. This list helps drive our QA process by informing QA of the tasks that have had code committed against them since the last build, which tie back to our user stories as well as our ability to report progress back to the client.

It would be very helpful if we could do one of two things (or maybe both): 1. Export the results of the list to .csv or other file, or 2. Create a module that can display this information as a widget in a confluence page.


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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    You're probably already aware, but for the time being (assuming you have one repository repository) something like

    $ git log 152baf6..d686634

    will give you the list of changes that occurred after 152baf6 until d686634 (and would seem to fit your workflow).

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