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Gray Gilmore
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One of my favourite features with Github's notifications is the ability to have separate email addresses receive different notifications depending on what organization they are being triggered from. Here's a screenshot of my current set up:

For people that are in a few different organizations, I think it's a fantastic feature.

Official response

  • Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi everyone. We're always looking to make sure we're addressing highly-voted feature requests such as this one when feasible. We've recently released several user-driven improvements including an new pull request focused dashboard, Large File Support, and Mercurial for Pipelines, among others.

    However, we do not plan to support sending notifications to addresses other than your primary email address. Ultimately this decision came down to a combination of project prioritization and long term product-feature fit. We know this is a highly voted request and this will be a disappointment, but we remain committed to user requested features (such as code search and code review improvements). Please keep the feedback coming!

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  1. Christian Biggins

    Yes please!

    Hate to mention the 'G' word - but Github has this and makes working in repositories owned by various organisations much easier to manage during business hours etc.


  2. Philippe Collin III

    I agree. Having the ability to add multiple e-mails is great, but to be able to tie them to projects would be even better. I have been toying with the idea of separate accounts for personal, contract and full time projects for this purpose and this would stop me from having to do that.

  3. M1ke

    This seems to have been desired for a long time. I asked on Twitter and got pointed here but it doesn't seem it's being acted upon.

  4. Jason Grim

    I shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, I think @Matthew Teece is right about leveraging our networks. Perhaps we can drive some attention to something that I can imagine a lot of people needing that aren't aware of how to request it.

  5. Philippe Collin III

    Is there a magic number of active users that need to +1 this feature in order for it to be worked on? It seems to be a big feature that would make a lot of lives easier and less account clutter as well.

    Thanks, Philippe

  6. Matthew Orres

    Well for one, this issue has lots of votes, but it's at about 14th on a list of others (see: ) with 192 votes is lagging behind the leader of 1572 :-)

    Also, I tweeted one of the Atlassian project managers ( @erikvanzijst ) who was kind enough to respond as such:

    TL;DR: They too think it's a great idea, but it's just in the backlog and has not been scheduled yet. I think it's just not as burning of an issue as other things are.

  7. Robert Bates

    So, when a duplicate ticket gets closed - do the votes get rolled into this one? Seeing as how there have been quite a few dupes over the past two years, and this remains such an active issue - it's a shame it hasn't been implemented yet and is not even on the radar...

    I'm a member of five teams and my inbox gets slammed sometimes. (And yes, I know how to use message filters...)

  8. Nathan Feldman

    Setting these email preferences at the team level in addition to the repo level would also be nice. I just want notifications within my company's BitBucket team's repos to go to my company email address, and all others to go to my personal address.

    Automatic forwarding from one email account to the other based on which repo the email came from isn't a fantastic workaround. Confidential information in the emails specific to one organization may need to be stored in an email account belonging to yourself or a separate organization.

  9. Stefán Freyr Stefánsson

    Seriously Atlassian! Not having this is actually a pretty serious problem. My personal account is an academic account as I teach at a university. However, I work for a company as well as doing occasional consulting. In order to keep my academic (personal) account I have to use my academic email as the main email. However, I get a lot of sensitive information regarding code (such as pull requests etc) from my other work and consulting job to my academic email account because I can't route that to its proper destination because of bitbucket's lack of this feature!


  10. Mansur Iqbal

    I can't believe this is so hard to implement... the issue is already 2,5 years old! It is so damn annoying to get notifications on one email address. This is also a really big privacy issue! I have to forward all incoming emails with a filter to my other email boxes.

  11. Chris Emerson

    I've had to sign up for a separate work account it's become so much of a pain, which means I have to deal with multiple SSH keys and modifying repository URIs to ensure the right one is used...

  12. Dimitar Panayotov

    This is basic usability. I find it crazy the ticket is marked as Minor.

    Dear Bitbucket, most people aren't going to vote even if they need this feature. Don't get fooled by small vote numbers.

  13. Ajay Matai

    How many votes does Atlassian PMs want to see before they consider this issue important enough?

    Not having this is a serious limitation in multiplexing between work, hobby, open-source projects hosted on bitbucket.

  14. Mark Walz

    Can you provide any insight in when it would be a priority? It's a basic Github feature that is required by many to live and work in both the business and personal space on Bitbucket.

  15. Sergey Dunets

    I am SO HAPPY I don't have to use bitbucket for development anymore. It was really annoying to have all the stuff in one mail box just because it is not a priority for Atlassian for so many years.

  16. Matthew Teece

    You can start the migration for your account now in preparation for the Atlassian accounts for BitBucket. It still does not look like you can link an email to an organization via alias or notifications

  17. Rob Eaton

    If anything the migration to Atlassian accounts has made matters worse. Previously I could at least login with multiple emails and set as primary the one I wanted notifications to go to. Now the login and notification email must be the same one. Personally I think even being able to set one notification email address, which differs from the login email address would be a useful feature.

  18. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi everyone. We're always looking to make sure we're addressing highly-voted feature requests such as this one when feasible. We've recently released several user-driven improvements including an new pull request focused dashboard, Large File Support, and Mercurial for Pipelines, among others.

    However, we do not plan to support sending notifications to addresses other than your primary email address. Ultimately this decision came down to a combination of project prioritization and long term product-feature fit. We know this is a highly voted request and this will be a disappointment, but we remain committed to user requested features (such as code search and code review improvements). Please keep the feedback coming!

  19. Joshua Leonard

    That's unfortunate. As a user that works for many clients and has several seperate email addresses, and do not wish to mix the communications, this greatly saddens me. Other similar platforms, which I will not name, support this as a basic integral feature. It surprises me to hear that this was mixed due to it not being a "long term product-feature fit", since it has been requested by so many users and seems like such a basic thing to implement.

  20. Wouter van Os

    I'm unsure of which 'long-term product' you guys are thinking of, but this feature should probably be a part of it. Users that's are having one account for home and work mostly seems to agree with this. Such a shame how guys are replying on this way on such an important feature.

  21. Stefán Freyr Stefánsson

    How can the 6th most voted feature in your public issue tracker not be a good "product-feature fit" (and what the ... does that even mean)? If this explanation is accurate you guys are idiots... if it's not, then I assume that you have a technical problem implementing this which makes you sort of incompetent.

    Either way... I'm starting to prepare my move to GitHub.

  22. Leon Aves

    Hi @aldango We're always looking to make sure highly-voted feature requests such as this one are paid attention to in the products we use. We notice you've recently released several user-driven improvements including an new pull request focused dashboard, Large File Support, and Mercurial for Pipelines, among others, but we aren't really interested in these.

    However, as you do not plan to support sending notifications to addresses other than your primary email address, we have made a decision which came down to a combination of project prioritization and long term product-feature fit, that your product doesn't fit us. We know this is a highly used service and this will be a disappointment, but we are moving to github. Please keep the feedback coming!

  23. Mansur Iqbal

    "Ultimately this decision came down to a combination of project prioritization and long term product-feature fit."

    Is it a political correct statement? What does that even mean? You set this issue to "wontfix", because it does not fit in your product-features?! Who needs long term product-features, if the basic features do not even work...

  24. Brad Orego

    Agreed. This is absurd. This is your user desperately trying to give you feedback and you ignoring it.

    Unless, of course, they think they're only getting these requests from non-paying members, and that enterprise accounts don't have this issue, in which case I could see it not being justifiable from a business perspective. That being said, I've had this exact issue being part of enterprise accounts (because they use the same account as your personal one).

    I have a stack of filters in gMail to handle this which is the saddest, hackiest workaround to what should be a pretty straightforward feature to implement.

  25. Paul Bissex

    @aldango, thanks for the response, but it's disappointing. I won't second-guess how much work this feature would be nor how you manage your development backlog. However, while I'm a long-time Bitbucket advocate, and though I work on a team that has bought in to Atlassian in a big way (i.e. we are an enterprise customer for several of your products including Bitbucket), the lack of this feature is a real wart in my eyes.

    I hope at the least you can put it this ticket (or an equivalent) in your backlog at a low priority, rather than shutting it down completely. I'm guessing that as your userbase continues to expand, you'll be playing whack-a-mole as new users repeatedly request this missing feature.

  26. Ajay Matai

    @aldango I don't suppose you use Bitbucket at all, and it seems nor do the other decision makers at Bitbucket - because, if they did - they would realize how essential this feature is.

    Do you have a workaround for your users?

    Saying "wontfix" is essentially saying "We'll do what ever comes to our mind, irrespective of what the customer base is telling us". Why do you then say: "Keep feedback coming" ?

  27. Ben Buchanan

    @Alastair Wilkes DFTC! (I don't invoke that lightly). Auth and notification should not be tightly coupled. I should not have to lock up my personal projects behind a work email; nor should I have to run duplicate accounts just to manage notifications. This has all kinds of flow-on hassles like getting access updated, changing git config to a new account/email etc, you can't map git email addresses to more than one account even if you control both... etc etc...

  28. Ben Lachman

    Are you serious!? This may be the feature that forces me to go to GH and recommend other projects I'm involved with go too. I'm a developer that has many projects—some are personal, some are from past work/business and some are from my current business, some are from a company I advise, etc.

    Why should all of that go to my login email? Crazy.

  29. Scott Saint

    Seriously, as for now Atlassian is integrating all its product with one account, the notification delivery problem stands out more than ever. I have updated my account, but if i want to send notifications to another email address, i should change my account email address. THAT's super unconvenient.

  30. Lenz Grimmer

    That's quite disappointing. Getting all email notifications to a single email address is indeed quite cumbersome, if you're involved in multiple projects of which some may be work-related, while others are done in spare time, being able to "channel" this info is crucial. In the end, it would help to make BitBucket more attractive for other open source projects, but it seems like this is not the goal?

  31. Jeff Leombruno

    WOW... @Alastair Wilkes that's REALLY disappointing. I'd love to see the long term roadmap, then.

    I'm also curious if the powers that be at Bitbucket seem to expect that people use multiple accounts for different organizations? I imagine that even if your stats support this decision, it's because the stats are skewed.

    I'm guessing that to make this decision, you must have a small percentage of users that are members of multiple teams (Do you know that number? Would love to know). However, this doesn't account for all the users who use multiple accounts for different teams, simply because this one feature doesn't exist. Implementing this feature would likely allow more people to use a single account instead of multiple accounts.

  32. Chris Emerson

    I have to use different accounts, and then create an ssh alias to determine which key to use for which account. However my package manager doesn't work because of these aliases on some of the projects that use a private package. It's turning into a blocker, looking at migrating back to GitHub now that they are cheaper for unlimited repositories and support basic features like this.

  33. Régis Jean-Gilles (Perso)

    I am baffled that this was not deemed useful enough to implement. This feature missing, notifications go from something that I want (notifications in my work mail box) to something that I despise (SPAM in my personal mail box). Please reconsider adding this feature.

  34. chris_allnutt

    I can only assume the single atlassian account is keeping this from working. I have to use custom e-mail routing to get around this. As I use bitbucket for Personal, Contracting, and my own Business operations. All 3 have different e-mail addresses.

  35. Mike Rybak

    I don't want to have to create a separate bitbucket account just to get notifications properly routed to team specific email addresses.

    You should add the option to specify per-team and/or per-repo email address, and automatically add such email addresses to the (already implemented) list of user email aliases.

    This doesn't seem like a big deal to implement, would naturally fit into your web UI, and you already acknowledge that people commit with different email addresses, so no reason to make that work in both directions.

    Please reconsider implementing this feature.

    Thank you

  36. Fabrizio Ruggeri

    Guys, even if @Alastair Wilkes said us to keep giving them feedback on this, I think they will never support this feature. The issue is marked as "wontfix" and except that single comment, there is no feedback by bitbucket. To me it looks like they say "continue to talk, we're not listening in any case".

  37. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Indeed, we don't plan to implement this in Bitbucket specifically. We want to provide a consistent experience as you work across multiple products, and introducing a Bitbucket-specific email identity/notification management system would work against that goal. If it were to be implemented, it’s more likely that the ability to manage several email addresses (and, thus, notifications) under one ‘persona’ would be implemented in Atlassian account, which operates across products. So although this is a “won’t fix” for Bitbucket specifically, it’s still a potential item for the future.

  38. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for your question. I believe ID-240 would be a prerequisite for this functionality. Then, ability to configure notifications (for various products/sites/teams/whatever, for various emails) would be a feature on top of that, for which I can't find a feature request (which is logical, because we'd need one before the other).

    Separately - taking a different approach - ID-6325 concerns the ability to be logged into to multiple accounts at once, which is another potential approach to the work/personal problem that aligns with our current stance of maintaining distinct accounts.

    I believe the latter would be more likely to be implemented prior to the former, but at this time that's all I can share regarding roadmaps.


  39. Richard-Day

    This "WONTFIX" issue is the 13th most upvoted issue on the Bitbucket issues list That's 13th out of 13,569.

    Neither ID-240 nor ID-6325 express our simple desire as well as this one, nor have they received nearly as much customer interest and support.

    Atlassian's evolving vision has spawned multiple roadmaps and issue lists. Fine.

    Because of that, the status of this "potential item for the future" (your words) is now inaccurately described in the Bitbucket issues list as "WONTFIX". Not fine.

    Can you, Alastair, please move this issue (and all existing support) to the most appropriate list, where it's status can be more accurately (and less discouragingly) described as the strongly-supported potential item for the future that it is?

  40. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Richard,

    That's fair feedback. I've opened a new issue specifically for this here:

    I will investigate if we can transfer votes; in the meantime, I've mentioned this issue there and emphasized its importance to Bitbucket users.

    That said, I do believe an 'account switching' capability is a much more likely scenario in the short-to-medium term.


  41. Dave Barker

    This is important to me, I am trying to keep my work and personal emails separate. In fact I've disabled email notifications completely until this is implemented.

  42. Yuri Prezument

    This, the horrible new design (how many clicks do I have to make to see how many open pull request my repo has?), the "projects" feature (that took 8 years to build and the implementation is horrible), and lack of 2FA (if it can lock me out of my account forever with no backup, it's worth ****) - these things finally made us switch to Gitlab, which I'm more than happy with.

    I liked BB, but it was expected that Atlassian will screw it up somehow.

  43. Merlin Patterson

    I would like to see this get fixed.

    I have three different emails that I use, 2 work and 1 personal. Yet people can only invite me to repos via my personal email because of this. That is not what I want. I want to have my colleagues not need to know my personal email.

    Forget, creating second and third accounts isn't sensible for a myriad of reasons. It is unmanageable, you would need to keep track of what repos were where, which account you are creating things on, etc. And that's just on BitBucket. From your own computer, you would need to set up multiple ssh profiles and switch between them anytime you wanted to commit anything.

    This is a big reason I stick with GitHub for the majority of my work. They already have this feature.

    What's truly annoying is that it seems BitBucket used to have this feature and Atlassian got rid of it. If you're going to remove a feature, please check that it is never used. Or if it is only a small percentage, then take the time to explain why to that group.

  44. Earl Swigert

    Very very disappointed that this won't be getting fixed. This isn't an advanced feature, and your competitors have offered it for a long time. For those of us that are using Bitbucket in large organizations and paying for it every month, it's very frustrating to have to deal with this.

  45. Martyn Ranyard

    Yet another person shouting into the void but seriously, please reconsider your WONTFIX status on this one. Hosted bitbucket should not force users to change their primary email to their work email or get work notifications to their personal email. Given that when people leave a company their work email will be inaccessible, this will lead to people being locked out of their personal bitbucket accounts unless they created a work and a personal one. Very bad experience.

  46. Brian Henderson

    For me the bigger issue is that while regular commits contain my work email, any PRs that I open, when they get merged, the merge commit will have my personal email! This means that my work repos are littered with my personal email.

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