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Custom email routing (BB-8197)

Gray Gilmore
created an issue

One of my favourite features with Github's notifications is the ability to have separate email addresses receive different notifications depending on what organization they are being triggered from. Here's a screenshot of my current set up:

For people that are in a few different organizations, I think it's a fantastic feature.

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  1. Christian Biggins

    Yes please!

    Hate to mention the 'G' word - but Github has this and makes working in repositories owned by various organisations much easier to manage during business hours etc.


  2. Philippe Collin III

    I agree. Having the ability to add multiple e-mails is great, but to be able to tie them to projects would be even better. I have been toying with the idea of separate accounts for personal, contract and full time projects for this purpose and this would stop me from having to do that.

  3. M1ke_

    This seems to have been desired for a long time. I asked on Twitter and got pointed here but it doesn't seem it's being acted upon.

  4. Jason Grim

    I shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, I think Matthew Teece is right about leveraging our networks. Perhaps we can drive some attention to something that I can imagine a lot of people needing that aren't aware of how to request it.

  5. Philippe Collin III

    Is there a magic number of active users that need to +1 this feature in order for it to be worked on? It seems to be a big feature that would make a lot of lives easier and less account clutter as well.

    Thanks, Philippe

  6. Matthew Orres

    Well for one, this issue has lots of votes, but it's at about 14th on a list of others (see: ) with 192 votes is lagging behind the leader of 1572 :-)

    Also, I tweeted one of the Atlassian project managers ( Erik van Zijst ) who was kind enough to respond as such:

    TL;DR: They too think it's a great idea, but it's just in the backlog and has not been scheduled yet. I think it's just not as burning of an issue as other things are.

  7. Robert Bates

    So, when a duplicate ticket gets closed - do the votes get rolled into this one? Seeing as how there have been quite a few dupes over the past two years, and this remains such an active issue - it's a shame it hasn't been implemented yet and is not even on the radar...

    I'm a member of five teams and my inbox gets slammed sometimes. (And yes, I know how to use message filters...)

  8. Nathan Feldman

    Setting these email preferences at the team level in addition to the repo level would also be nice. I just want notifications within my company's BitBucket team's repos to go to my company email address, and all others to go to my personal address.

    Automatic forwarding from one email account to the other based on which repo the email came from isn't a fantastic workaround. Confidential information in the emails specific to one organization may need to be stored in an email account belonging to yourself or a separate organization.

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