Download includes files that have been removed from repository

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Carlos Cámara
created an issue


I have noticed that the size of a my repo which is displayed on the overview page is always increasing even though I have removed some big files from repo.

After deciding to dowload the code from the overview page's link instead of cloning from git I have seen that all the files that I have already removed from the repo are still included in the zip file generated from the overview page (I have made sure that those files do not exist: they are not displayed on my repo's code page and they are not downloaded when cloning from git).

This is really weird, since I want a download link so non-technical users can download the repo easily, whithout having to install and understand how GIT works.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas


    On what repository are you seeing this problem?

    You may want to email us at with details of your repository so that we can investigate it further.



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