Prepend username to newsfeed repo names (BB-713)

Issue #707 resolved
Jim Mitchener
created an issue

There seems to be a tendancy to host projects under a new account such as "mercurialeclipse / main". Currently, this simply shows up as "main" in your newsfeed/home pages. This can get quite confusing when following several projects with a repo of "main" or "stable".

It would be nice to have an option to display username/repo in the newsfeed instead of simply naming the repo.

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  1. Eirik Stavem

    Sorry it's taking literally forever to get around to these issues, thanks for bumping and making us aware that they exist :)

    Question: would it suffice if the repository owner's username was added as a tooltip on the repo-link in the newsfeed? I'm reluctant to adding it directly on the page, as it would cause that line to wrap in most cases.

  2. David Chambers

    Today's release adds a `title` attribute to each repository name in the newsfeed. We did consider displaying "username/reposlug" rather than "reponame", but decided that the increased clarity in certain cases would be offset by decreased clarity in others. In general, repository names are easier to recognize than repository slugs.

    Providing "username/reposlug" titles seems like a satisfactory compromise.

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