Internal Server Error when trying to comment

Issue #7075 duplicate
Rehan van Zyl
created an issue

When I try to comment on pull requests I get an Internal Server Error in Chrome's console:

POST!api/1.0/repositories/fireid/payments-qr/pullrequests/350/comments/ 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR) 12c332c52f94.js:185 send 12c332c52f94.js:185 k.extend.ajax 12c332c52f94.js:179 c.ajax 12c332c52f94.js:718 c.sync 12c332c52f94.js:718 h.extend.sync 12c332c52f94.js:689 12c332c52f94.js:694 12c332c52f94.js:1331 d 12c332c52f94.js:44 k.event.dispatch 12c332c52f94.js:92 g.handle.h 12c332c52f94.js:84