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Issue #7086 new

Add the ability to collapse or minimize diffs in commits and pull requests (BB-8221)

Virgilio Favero Neto
created an issue

Hi there,

It would be great if we could collapse the diff of a file when reviewing a pull request. That would allow us to reduce the scrolling area as we go reviewing.

Is this feature already on your roadmap?


Comments (14)

  1. Oliver Shaw

    +1 -- Could see this having a small positive effect on traffic if it were to only display large diffs after requesting them (hide all over 2MB or 1000 lines for example)

  2. Joshua Swanson

    Since it appears this is not going to be done, I've written a quick bookmarklet to do it for me - you may also find it useful, so I'll share it here:

    javascript:(function() {$(".diff-container .heading").find(".aui-buttons:first").append($("<button>").addClass('aui-button').text('Minimize').click(function(e){$(e.target).closest('div.diff-container').find(".diff-content-container").toggle();}));})()

    This adds a little "button" to each diff that lets you easily minimize it

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