Tasks comments and Text formating

Issue #7095 invalid
Adrian Pirvulescu created an issue

Formatted text does not work in comments.

Steps to reproduce:

  • write a comment
  • try to use bullets or paragraphs
  • save comment.

Result: Text formatting is removed and comment appear all in one block/paragraph.

Comments (5)

  1. Adrian Pirvulescu reporter

    Also I see the formatting is not saved even for task description. This is very hard to use and makes tasks system useless.

    Below more tests

    H1 title

    H2 title

    bold italic

    • bullets
    • bullets2
    1. number
    2. another number - Bug: continues with 1... in editor?
    // Code block
    private function foo()
  2. Adrian Pirvulescu reporter

    @Nicolas Venegas I think you mean a new empty line after the first list item Also, after the latest major update (few months ago) all my old tasks and comments have no good formatting anymore.

    Anyways... looks not so important, we will manage someway to make pretty texts,

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