Cannot upload project logo

Issue #7109 resolved
Jannik Zschiesche
created an issue


it is impossible to upload a project logo. Tested in Chrome & Firefox on OSX. The screenshot shows the upload form after selecting a file.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas


    I just want to double check that you've clicked Save repository details after uploading the file?

    The lack of a preview for the file you're uploading (demonstrated by your screenshot) is expected (if a little clunky).



  2. Jannik Zschiesche reporter

    Ah! No, I didn't.. I am used to file upload forms, which are separated from the rest of the form and sent automatically - and I assumed that the form here is separated too, since the project logo is visually separated from the rest of the form by a small border.

    Thanks, this is resolved then.

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