Design problem with short length fields

Issue #7118 resolved
Rick Apeland
created an issue

I'm trying to use this system in Asia and have many names that are two characters in length. I have to mutate the first or last name just to enter it. Am I missing something from a configuration standpoint or is this a design issue? This is a major issue for adoption in this locale.

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  1. Rick Apeland reporter

    I tried to recreate again to provide you screenshots and can not produce the error again. To get my data loaded, I had to add a third character to names with only two characters. It surfaced numerous times during the validation step of import data, but with a reduce dataset to test with I'm unable to reproduce the error now.

    Not sure at this point the conditions for recreating the problem. It had happened numerous times so assumed the problem was easily reproducible. If I encounter it again I will document the screens and resubmit.

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