Issue #7120 resolved

500 error when I access pages via CNAME.

Masaki Muranaka
created an issue It works fine. I set CNAME to It seems be accepted.

After those, I got error 500 when I access Could you tell me if I should do some more?

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  1. Masaki Muranaka reporter

    Thanks for your reply. Exactly 500 error is fixed. But still it seems something wrong. When I open , Just displayed "There's nothing hosted here."

    Account/Custom domain page saids, [The hostname "" resolves to Your hostname currently points to]

  2. Nicolas Venegas


    It does not appear that your account has set as your CNAME (nor does any other user on Bitbucket).

    If you set that in your account settings then you should no longer get the

    There's nothing hosted here.




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