Assignee issue to more than one user (Assignee)

Issue #7122 wontfix
Jonas Oliveira
created an issue

I think that would be great to be albe to assign more than one developer for the same issue.

For example I could add a new task and more than one developer will work on it.

PS.: I'm new on Bitbucket, so sorry if it already exists or it is not a good idea.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Jonas

    Thanks for your suggestion, but it is unlikely we would implement this since it would require a substantial change to our code base plus it would be a major point of difference with other issue trackers, especially JIRA.



  2. Technica Creative

    This is the only reason I havent switched fully to BitBucket from Assembla. I have to pay Assembla $600 per year just to get this feature. BitBucket has almost everything else we need. Its sad you wont add features your clients want because it "requires a substantial change to our code base".

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