Users with access to deleted repos (that have a redirect URL) show up (but don't count) in plans and billing

Issue #7129 resolved
William Youmans
created an issue

See attached screenshot.

I am unable to remove users who have access to my repositories. When I click the (x) next to the user's name, I get the confirmation dialog. Once confirmed, the user is removed from the list. However, upon page refresh, the user's are added to the list again.

The problem persists even after logout/login.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi William

    I was unable to reproduce this on my own account.

    Would you be able to provide the output from any errors in the Console or Network tab of Chrome's Web Inspector when you attempt to remove a user, please?



  2. William Youmans reporter

    Hi Nicolas,

    Disregard the earlier message I sent. I have attached the screenshots here.

    There are no errors. When I confirm the removal, the DELETE request is made to "/!api/1.0/privleges/klanoma?private=true&username=dragonleech" and the user is removed from the page. However, the user remains on the page after a page refresh. I took a series of screenshots with the Network tab open. See attached. William

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