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Hi it would great if I could create one issue tracker for multiple repositories (aka modules) - kind of project issue tracker for code modules (where each module has separate repo).

  • I just need to be able to track issues in different repos so they are automatically updated when some push change etc (redmine does this and I think assembla as well) - but I can imagine this could be a lot of work to implement?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Librarist,

    We have decided to keep the Bitbucket issue tracker very simple.

    If you are looking for more complicated workflows like you describe I would suggest trying JIRA.



  2. Nick Belyaev

    I think the modern workflows, even the simplest ones, have changed since 2013. Nowadays most software is built as modules, independent components and very often includes client and server side implementations that are commonly split into separate repositories. Even the simplest of casual mobile games would have 2 repos for Android and iOS platforms.

    That said, having an issue tracker on the project level makes a lot of sense. It's not always necessary to have such powerful tools as JIRA to achieve such simple tasks as tracking an issue progress across multiple repos. In fact, an issue doesn't even have to be related to a repo: like here - wouldn't implementing this feature request require touching multiple repositories?

    Hope this makes sense! Cheers all :)

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