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Dobrosław Żybort
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would be nice if you could render AsciiDoc files (after all it's written in Python).

File extensions to catch:

.ad, .adoc and .asciidoc

(and probably .ad.txt, .adoc.txt and .asciidoc.txt: )

Repo with samples:

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  1. Jochen Hinrichsen

    +1 While i like Markdown, Asciidoc outputs Docbook out of the box which opens up the whole nine yard of the publishing pipeline.

    As an implementation, i'd rather choose the newer Ruby based Asciidoctor instead of the older Python based Asciidoc.

  2. Dan Allen


    There's a Java API for Asciidoctor called AsciidoctorJ that encapsulates the use of JRuby. Bintray uses AsciidoctorJ to render AsciiDoc files. Asciidoctor runs fastest on JRuby anyway.

    Asciidoctor is also very secure for serve-rside usage. By default it runs in secure mode, which disables all file system access. You are free to enable the functionality from there that works best for you.

    AsciiDoc is gaining a lot of traction with big name authors lately, largely do to the innovation & advocacy coming out of the Asciidoctor project & community.

    GitHub uses Asciidoctor to render AsciiDoc, but it hasn't been upgraded past version 0.1.0 released in January. BitBucket could grab the reigns here by deploying 0.1.4 or 1.5.0.preview.1.

  3. zgamero

    I've tried reST, Markdown and AsciiDoc, finding the last one the more confortable and it's growing in popularity, IMHO.

    +1 for adding AsciiDoc

  4. Daniel Grigg

    +1 so colleagues will stop complaining about me writing bitbucket-un-renderable readme's

    Honestly asciidoc is just more feature-complete with less hacks required for writing technical docs.

  5. Arto Astala

    +1 Makes you wonder what use is issue tracker when a feature has issue filed, +1:d a lot, requested for readmes, is easy to implement and safe but sees no action or even comment from staff. Didn't even bother to change status from new in more than two years.

  6. SeanG

    Github and Gitlab (for free private repos) both support AsciiDoc. I've given up on Bitbucket because of this issue. Unwatching this issue and moving on....

  7. marco

    The only reason I am still using bitbucket is because I prefer hg to git. But I think asciidoc is so good that you are forcing me to go to github because you don't render asciidoc :-( As another poster already pointed out, the modern asciidoctor (not plain asciidoc) provides everything to render. I am saddened and I don't understand bitbucket's way of thinking, this seems a low-hanging fruit to make a lot of people happy :-/ And yes I saw the post about the addon. Why making it so complicated?

  8. Tobias Roeser

    +1 for AsciiDoc support, preferably the Asciidoctor version.

    Asciidoc(tor) is pretty standard nowaday for developers and many other platforms and tools support it, also GitHub and GitBucket.

  9. Jim Nasby

    It's really silly that BitBucket doesn't support this. AsciiDoctor (or even AsciiDoc) is far more powerful than markdown. You're really pushing people to github because of this.

  10. Jobin Jacob Kavalam

    AsciiDoc support please ... I recently moved onto AsciiDoc from Markdown as my preferred format for technical documentation and I have been quite pleased to find that AsciiDoc is more feature rich. Hence IMO it adds great value to support the format out of the box on Bitbucket. Otherwise, I just love Bitbucket !

  11. Kees van Dieren

    My customer has a private Bitbucket server instance. Is there a plugin available that renders README.adoc files directly in Source view?

    We have a plugin that renders asciidoc files, but README.adoc files are not rendered in the Project overview or when browsing the Directory (only when viewing that README.adoc file directly)

  12. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for your feedback on this ticket and continued interest in Bitbucket. We review our highest voted issues regularly.

    Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to address this feature at this time. In this particular case, there's a good opening here for a Bitbucket add-on to provide this functionality. We support file view add-ons for exactly this purpose, so if anyone wants to take a stab at this, I'm sure a lot of interested folks here would try it out.

    At the moment, we're busy improving Bitbucket in the following areas:

    • pull requests
    • code search
    • pipelines & deployments
    • design and user experience.

    Please continue to follow this ticket for updates, and add comments describing any use-cases that are important to your team and not already covered above.

    The Bitbucket team

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