customize (able) column headers on issues page (BB-8239)

Issue #7139 open
Walker Inman created an issue

would be fantastic to be able to customize the headers on the issues page - and this should be fairly easy. For example - i don't use 'version' but do use 'component' field. would be nice to remove the 'created' and 'version' field and add the 'component' field!!!

this shouldn't be too tough to implement either in the settings page. it seems like the only settings available are whether or not the issue tracker exists and if it is private or public.


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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Walker

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Finding time on our roadmap do implement this is more difficult than the implementation (should) be :)



  2. Per Edin

    Bumping this one as I was just about to submit my own issue regarding it.

    I would like to be able to hide votes, assignee, milestone, version, created, and updated. As it is now the title column is not wide enough to show more than "#2: Move" with the sidebar open (browser window maximized on a 1280x800 monitor).

  3. Neeraj Gupta

    I am also not able to see title which I think is VVIMP. Please schedule it to avoid ppl searching for alternate option

  4. Alexander Celeste

    Definitely would appreciate this. I like using the versions, milestones, etc., but don't really need all that in the issues table. Actually, I would even remove date created from the table if I could. That titles get hidden on smaller screen/window sizes is the worst part about not being able to configure columns.

  5. Eric Celeste

    The issues list can look pretty silly, even on a big monitor.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.31.43pm.PNG

    Isn't the title the most important piece of information? Why does it's column get so minimized. In fact, if I made my window a little smaller it would disappear!

    We really need a way to simply select which columns appear on the issues list, so that we can use elements without have to see them on the list.

    Short of that, maybe the issues list could at least be tweaked to give the title column more priority and squeeze a few others out first (created, updated, version, milestone are all good candidates to get the squeeze).

  6. Eric Celeste

    Dear Atlassian, one solution is super simple... just don't let the title get too small.

    Just change...

    <td class="text flex-content--column">


    <td class="text">

    ... in the issue list table.

    Clearly whatever magic is in that flex-content--column is doing more harm than good.

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