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Issue #7169 resolved

SSH key id_rsa.pub

Sandor Toth
created an issue

Hi there,

I have two accounts on your system.

tothsanka@gmail.com sandor.toth@umbicord.com

I tried to upload an id_rsa.pub into the tothsanka's account (there is one key already), and it says the key already used for another account.

I check this sandor.toth@umbicord.com one, but there is no ssh key.

So it should be a bug.

Could you please check it?

Kind regards, Sandor

Comments (6)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Sandor,

    Could you provide the SSH public key that you're uploading that isn't working? If you'd prefer not to post it here, you can send an email to support@bitbucket.org.


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