HTML attributes should work for textile formatted wiki pages (BB-8307)

Issue #7170 closed
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I'd like to specify the column width of a wiki table, for which I use the textile syntax. states, that you can have something like this:

|a|{color:red}. styled|cell|

Following that pattern, other sources ( suggest to use that feature to specify the column width, like:

|{width:25%}. Cell1 |{width:25%}. Cell2 |{width:25%}. Cell3 |{width:25%}. Cell4 | | Cell 5 | Cell 6 | Cell 7 | Cell 8 |

But it seems that the curly-brackets-notation is completely not working in the bitbucket textile implementation.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for the report.

    The library we use for textile, python-textile, doesn't support specifying arbitrary HTML attributes, so that's something we'd need to implement (and deal with the security implications around that). The wiki isn't on our immediate development road map right now, so I've put an issue for this in our internal backlog.

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