Recent Activity RSS feed is not valid (BB-8439)

Issue #7190 closed
created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy this feed link: .
  2. Validate on: .

What should happen:

The feed should validate.

What happens instead:

The feed does not validate, and shows the following errors.


This feed does not validate.

    line 39, column 20: Invalid email address: sirgazil (15 occurrences) [help]


    line 543, column 2: Missing channel element: description [help]


In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.

    line 8, column 88: Self reference doesn't match document location [help]

        ... " xmlns="" />

Additional information

This issue impedes the use of recent activity feeds in services like WordPress with the RSS widget.

Comments (9)

  1. sirgazil reporter

    I'm using the WordPress RSS widget from in my blog. The error message reads:

    An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    You can see the RSS feed in my blog. They are located at the end of the right-side bar. The first two feeds are from repositories; the other two are from a gitorious project and a Python Foundation feed.

    Note: For Bitbucket feeds I changed the feed URLs from https to http because WordPress RSS widget does not support the former.

  2. Brodie Rao

    I was hoping this might be a quick fix, but we'll need to do some more testing with WordPress in order to figure out exactly what's going wrong.

    I've put an issue for this in an internal backlog. We'll update this issue when we have more information.

  3. Martin Mauersics

    Hi, just wanted to mention that also the standard Joomla feed reader (based on SimplePie) and various other reader extension are not able to process the RSS and Atom feed, but I don't know if this has something to do with the invalid format (which is still current).

    So currently I'm not able to display the repository activity feed on my website. Best regards

    Edit: I managed to track down the error, and the problem is a failing SSL certificate verification. Most libraries like cURL try to check the cert by default. Deactivating the check (cURL: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);) works fine to get the feed data. (or setting CURLOPT_CAINFO to a valid cacert ->

    So the main problem with Joomla (and maybe also with WordPress) is not an invalid RSS format, but an verification fail for the forced SSL connection.

  4. Björn Kuipers

    I'm also having trouble in desktop programs like RSS Bot for the Mac. It's never updating any items, but does not return an error either. The certificate does not seem to be a problem for me.

    I think the author-tag has to be like: (person name). Also the guid-tag needs to be unique. Maybe append with a hash-tag of the timestamp for a quick fix :)

    This feed does not validate.
    line 12, column 23: Invalid email address: bjrnqprs [help]
    line 78, column 2: guid values must not be duplicated within a feed: (7 occurrences) [help]
    In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.
    line 9, column 106: Self reference doesn't match document location [help]
    ... " xmlns="" />
    line 43, column 2: Email address is missing real name (12 occurrences) [help]
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