Issue #7199 resolved
Kemal Kanok
created an issue

this is debug key:1682d4f30bc54c39872ed354a4739a64$53260971926ecd9201fcb9992f072c10

i can't see my source codes of my project project url:

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Kemal,

    It looks like some of Mercurial's internal data structures in your repository are corrupted.

    Can you run "hg verify" locally and paste the output? If it includes references to private data, you can email it to

    If "hg verify" doesn't report any errors locally, you can delete the repo on Bitbucket, create it again, and push everything back up.

    If it does report errors, you should be able to remake the repository with all its data and history intact (though the commit hashes will change). You can do that by running "hg --config extensions.convert= convert -s hg -d hg repo-path new-repo-path". In this case, you'll also want to recreate the repo on Bitbucket and push up the new repo.

  2. Kemal Kanok reporter

    thanks but i couldn't wait for your answer and i deleted entire solution and recreated then i submit my all codes again but if it ever becomes like that i will try thanks for your reply now its working good thanks again

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