Issue #7200 resolved
Bryan Hundven
created an issue

I have a newly setup Confluence+JIRA+Bitbucket setup.

I click on the members tab of 'nfcdata-ondemand', and I see:

"Add your teammates Your OnDemand instance can automatically invite new developers to Bitbucket. When creating a new OnDemand user, simply select the Bitbucket groups you wish to invite the user to join. Once added to Bitbucket, you can manage your teammates directly from Bitbucket."

I click the "Manage Members" button, and I get:

"Access to the webpage was denied You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to sign in. HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request."

I am the Global Admin and creator, so I'm not sure why I am getting a 403.

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  1. Bryan Hundven reporter

    It was an issue until I deleted and re-added my account.

    The original issue would probably still stand if I hadn't.

    I was the original user on the account and created the first repository on bitbucket. This gave me creator access, but I had no way to change myself to admin.

    Now I have a separate issue where a bunch of articles are written by 'Anonymous'...

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