Repository avatar upload form preview doesn't work correctly (BB-8372)

Issue #7201 resolved
xiguo zhou created an issue

affter selected an icon, it didn't display the upload pic.

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  1. Brodie Rao


    Can you provide a link to the repository that you're having problems with? If it's private and you'd prefer not to share the link, you can email it to


  2. xiguo zhou reporter

    I'm sorry, I try it again ,and found that: The preview icon is not the upload pic after change the icon on the repository settings page . The repository icon has been the upload pic after saved the settings.

  3. Brodie Rao


    Thanks for the clarification. This is a known issue with the form—the preview is broken. If you click save and submit the form, it should work and correctly update the repository icon.

    I've added an issue to our internal backlog to fix the problem with the preview.

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