Add "Your Contributions" to user profile (BB-8346)

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Roei Oved
created an issue

Hi, Would be great if you will have contributions graph and stats like GitHub. It's a great graph to check your team mates activity.

Attached GitHub screenshot.


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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Roei,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    The user profile page isn't in our immediate development road map, but I've added this to our internal backlog to review later.

  2. Tom Green

    To be fair I have migrated the majority of my personal repos over to Github given Bitbucket's seeming ignorance to this issue (and a host of very similar requests).

    I find that now a days my repos act as my CV, and therefore the Github's activity log makes it very easy to see how active I am.

  3. Mark Eissler

    I think this is a critical feature if Bitbucket is to be a true alternative to Github for open source initiatives. The reason is simple: prospective employers have a tendency to request your Github userid and then review your contributions activity to get a sense of your involvement in the dev space. It's not easy to see this type of data via the Bitbucket public profile page.

    I would happily move my various open source to the Atlassian workflow if I could get a graph like this on my profile page. But I'd like to see it taken a step further: it should be possible for the public to see a developer's overall activity (private + public) in a graph like that. Sure, you'd want to hide nitty gritty details for private projects, but the activity should be visible in a heat map graph...maybe it could be an option (Show private activity in heat map as well as public?).

  4. Dav Sullivan

    Personal opinion, this feature is good for teams to find the valuable developer, showing our contributions is quite important. And i think it is not rocket science.

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