Commit's are showing the wrong person associated

Issue #7220 resolved
Wes Ray
created an issue

Currently, when I go to the main page of the repository, under recent changes, it shows committed changes by me, which is correct. But when I go to the commits page, it show's all my commits by another user, one that used to work for us, but doesn't have permission anymore. Likely because I inherited the computer, his .gitconfig was set to his name and email. Though it was pushed through my BitBucket User.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Wes,

    The user displayed on the repo overview page is the person doing the push. The users displayed on the commit history page are the authors of each commit.

    If you do "git log" locally, do you see that those commits are actually authored by that person? If so, updating your .gitconfig should fix it going forward, but those commits will always have that author name. There shouldn't be any negative effects, however; it's just a cosmetic/metadata issue.

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