Make references to linked JIRA issues case insensititve (BB-8420)

Issue #7227 resolved
Michael Müller
created an issue

Hi there,

I set up a self-hosted JIRA instance, which I linked with a bitbucket team account using the DVCS connector plugin. Linking commits with JIRA issues works perfectly, but there is one small drawback: bitbucket only seems to recognize the reference to an attached JIRA when the issue key is written perfectly in uppercase letters. In case only one letter is lowercase (which happens easily in the heat of the moment), there is no link to JIRA on bitbucket. Yet the commit appears in JIRA's commits section. I guess it's an easy thing for you to fix this. On the other hand, it would make bitbucket feel more consistent.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Michael Müller reporter

    Hi Brodie,

    thank you very much for resolving this issue so quickly. Could you please tell me by when the fix will be on the productive servers and whether this fix will also address "old" commits?



  2. Michael Müller reporter

    Hi Brodie,

    Sorry for bothering you again, but it seems like the issue has not yet been fully resolved. Please see the attached screenshot above, which I just took.

  3. Brodie Rao

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry, I hadn't realized you were using a custom regex to link to JIRA. The change I made was for the pre-configured JIRA, Bamboo, etc. linkers. If you switch to using the JIRA linker, it should work. You can also change your custom regex so it has (?i) at the beginning, which will make it case-insensitive.

  4. Michael Müller reporter

    Hi Brodie,

    Thanks for the tip. That solved it.

    But actually, I only used the JIRA DVCS Connector plugin and the big "add a new link" button in the links section and let them do all the work. Somehow this custom link was generated...

    Thank you very much for your help!

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