Allow specifying a repository's encoding (for viewing files/diffs) (BB-8418)

Issue #7239 open
José Rocha
created an issue

When we commit files with Git, Bitbucket tries to guess the encoding. Sometimes these guesses are not correct and it would be great if we can set the encoding within our account or repository.

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  1. Sérgio Siegrist

    I agree with Mauro Molinari. All IDEs I've worked with have an option to set the character encoding of files in a project, which can be chosen conveniently. Likewise, HTTP supports many character encodings, and all decent web browsers support them as well. There's no reason why a source code repository should stick to UTF-8 (or ASCII) only. Please!

  2. John Brewster

    See also #9686.

    As stated there, being able to change the encoding used by Bitbucket's diff viewer (either repository-wide, or on a file-by-file basis) is high priority if Bitbucket are serious about supporting pull request functionality.

  3. Inna Kabanova

    I have the same trouble with displaying the Russian text when trying to see the diff within the pull request. When opening the same raw code on the neighbouring Chrome tab in utf-8, everything's ok. Voting up this issue.

  4. Timm Dapper

    We've been trying to look at Visual Studio .rc files in Bitbucket, but whenever it actually contains localized strings with non-ASCII characters, it just shows garbage. This is relatively bad...

  5. Alexander Kuzin

    I also need to be able to specify encoding for every file I need. I have projects where some files are in utf-8 (python scripts, readme`s), some are in cp1251 (source code of old CRM) and some are in cp866 (windows cmd files).

  6. Erasmo Marín

    We need this to make small changes in our pull requests from bitbucket itself, when we do it, bitbucket mess up with encoding. It also fails when you see the raw content of a file.

    Any ETA for this?

  7. Jose Gómez

    I've find this error very anoying and makes me loose time having to download all the code only for one small change.

    It's there any solution for this already? Is there someone working with this issue?

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