Username in url case sensitive? Bug with permissions.

Issue #7241 resolved
Jeffrey Gelens
created an issue


It seems usernames in the url are case sensitive. Mine is and it seems is an entirely different user.

Also whenever I add a new repository it also gives full permission to the lowercase jeffrey user in addition to my own account.


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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Jeffrey,

    We had a recent issue where we were allowing case-insensitive duplicate usernames to be registered on the site. We've since fixed this, but the behavior you're seeing with the URL being case-sensitive is intentional in this case.

    As for the permission issue, I'm not able to reproduce this myself, and I see that at the moment that other user doesn't have access to any of your repos. Can you describe exactly how you created the repo and when the other user got permissions?


  2. Jeffrey Gelens reporter

    Yes I removed the access for the lowercase 'jeffrey' user manually. But it definitely happened at least two times. Currently I can't reproduce the same error anymore either, but I noticed something else strange on my dashboard. Maybe you could take a look what this is? (see newly attached image). It's kinda scary what's happening regarding permissions!

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Looking at the event stored. You added yourself to a team that has since been deleted. The team account was created sometime around May 11.

    Does this sound familiar? I'm not sure why we stored this event but if we know what action was taken we can deduce this further.

    Cheers, Brian

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