Parametrized and global service URL (BB-8421)

Issue #7245 duplicate
Jerome Lacoste
created an issue

For all my projects, I add a POST service (for jenkins integration)

For the WeWantToKnow/unity3d-flash-incompabilities project:

POST http://SERVER_URL/git/notifyCommit?

I would really like the ability to: use a parametrized URL, so that I do have to customize the URL value for each project. declare this service globally so that I can enter it once for the organization

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    We'll be overhauling our repo service system in the near future. I've put this in our internal backlog as something to look into when we start that project. We'll update this issue when there's development around this.

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