BitBucket "Overview" tab is missing some Git commits...

Issue #7262 resolved
Fred Stluka
created an issue

I pushed 2 Git commits to BitBucket an hour ago, and one more commit a couple minutes ago. The commit of the 2nd push shows in the "Commits" tab at BitBucket, and in the "Overview" tab.

However, the 2 commits of the first push show only in the Commits tab. They are missing from the Overview tab.


The missing commits are: - -

Seems like an odd bug. Don't they both pull from the same Git log?


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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Don't they both pull from the same Git log?

    No, they don't.

    The commits page essentially does the equivalent of a git log, while the overview page aims to render a wider "newsfeed" style log that also includes other events. This feed is not calculated on the fly, but generated and stored as events happen.

    I'm unable to see what happened in this case, but my guess is that the internal event that is triggered to write an entry to the rep's newsfeed log failed. However, this does not mean that there is something wrong with your repo.

    I'm going to close this issue, but feel free to reopen it if this happens again.

  2. Stijn van Tussenbroek

    I know this issue has been marked as resolved, but I am facing the exact same issue as well. Commits only show up on the Commits tab, not on the Overview tab.

    I must add that they do show up in the RSS feed..

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