Merging pull request marked it as merged but didn't pull in/merge any changes (BB-8466)

Issue #7265 resolved
Mario Ray Mahardhika
created an issue

Someone forks one of my repo ( and make some changes, he then create a pull request to merge his changes with mine. I approve and merge his request but I got "unable to merge" message. But then, the pull request is gone, in his account the status is also approved and merged, but the changes are not reflected in my repo.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Mario,

    We're actively looking into issues around merging pull requests. I've fixed the state of those two PRs manually. You now have 3 duplicate PRs, but you can reject 2 of them.

    After rejecting 2 of the 3, can you try merging it again? I think this issue is intermittent, so I suspect it'll work if you try again.


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