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Issue #7273 resolved

Commits missing in activity newsfeed and email service/broker (BB-8462)

Stephen Viles
created an issue

In my project stephenviles/stbarnabas, the commit history correctly shows 5 commits today, but recent activity shows only 4 commits. Screenshots attached.

Similar bug #7272 has just been resolved by the reporter, but the problem still occurs for me.

Comments (35)

  1. Michka Popoff

    Can't say, I had a lot of activity since last evening and the recent activity displays only the last ~30 actions. So I am not able to answer your question.

    I think the changes will only apply to new commits, older (missing) ones due to the bug will not be displayed ? Erik van Zijst could perhaps confirm this ?

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    Due to the nature of Bitbucket's event system, once an event is missed, it will not be regenerated. Hence, the changes will apply to new activity only.

  3. Michael Frauenholtz [Atlassian] staff

    Hi Michael Niles,

    Earlier today we had an incident that affected our event processing: incident report.

    Unfortunately some of those events may have been lost, and caused the issue you're seeing here. This does mean that those commits may not show up on the Overview page, and any services related to those commits will not fire. You should be able to push commits now that will fire the correct services.

  4. ralelyunas

    Seeing the same issue. In one repository, none of my commits are making it to the recent activity as of the last 2 or 3 days, while on the other repository its working normally. We are using codeship so its a problem, builds aren't getting done.

  5. pauljakobwhite

    I'm also going on 2-3 days without recent activity, this is really disrupting the process, and I hope this is a temporary issue, but can an admin please reopen this issue.

  6. ralelyunas

    This is fixed for me as of today, it seemed to be related to some broader network issues that were hammering the bitbucket site and have been reported elsewhere.

  7. Andy Dean

    I'm still seeing this issue (20 minutes after a commit, it still doesn't appear in recent activity), and a similar issue in that when jira IDs are included in the commit comment bitbucket renders the link back to jira immediately, but jira seems to have long delays before it lists the commit with a link back to bitbucket.

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