Commits made to a Team Repository show up as from the Team in Recent Activity

Issue #7274 resolved
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In the overview tab of a Team owned repository, commits are shown as: <<TEAM>> pushed 1 commit to <<REPO>> instead of <<MEMBER> pushed 1 commit o <<REPO>>

The commits tab correctly identifies the team member who pushed the commit, however. This makes recent activity less useful if there are only one or two repos, as the information of who is missing.

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  1. Brodie Rao


    The repo activity feed and the commit history page show two different things: the activity feed tells you who pushed commits, while the commit history page tells you who authored commits. It's not uncommon for people to push commits they didn't make.

    In your case, it sounds like someone logged in with the team account to push those commits. Can you confirm if they did that? You generally want to have people pushing with their own accounts directly; they shouldn't push using the team account (and there shouldn't be SSH keys associated with the team account).

  2. jinmer reporter

    You are correct - it seems that the ssh key was associated with the team instead of the account (quite a security concern). Thanks for pointing that out!

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