Fork repo for a team-owned fork should default to the team account instead of the current user's account (BB-8464)

Issue #7285 closed
Brodie Rao
created an issue

There is some background here

We should encourage the workflow of keeping team repos inside the team account instead of encouraging them to fork them into their personal accounts.

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  1. S├ębastien GAUTRIN

    Although this is a workaround for permissions problems, it is not really that much suitable. Indeed, it has the direct consequence of bloating the team account and dilute the "master" repositories within the swarm of developer forks (even worse when using feature forks).

    It is way more natural to group developer forks in each of those developer account, though the points raised in issue #7063 prevent really using that workflow unless you are a team of 5 or less and developers don't need their 4 additional accesses for personal projects.

    It is even less natural to keep developer forks in the team account when only team admins have a link to the team in their account menu (so other users have to bookmark the team account url to be able to get to it instead of simply going to their account menu and click the team) - this is an ongoing declared issue (don't remember the number).

    Last point is, having no way of organizing repositories (see issue #2323) makes the "bloat" of having developer and feature forks in the team repository way too cumbersome too actually consider using that workflow. Having issue #2323 implemented while at the same time allowing to restrict repository creation for a user to a particular "sub-directory" (depends on how issue #2323 is implemented, but the idea would be that e.g. developer1 could create repositories on the team account in the "developer1" directory/tag - or whatever - but could not create repositories at the root of the account or in the "developer2" directory/tag) would actually make this workflow usable and even more desirable than the "developer fork in his account" workflow. Until then though, this permission problem will still be a noticeable issue that should not be dismissed.

  2. S├ębastien GAUTRIN

    This enhancement request still applies today. It actually applies even more now that we have projects on team accounts to properly organise such forks and thus that the workflow of creating forks within the team repository is actually the better one.

    In order to better suit every one, this could be implemented with an option on team repositories (maybe with a way to control the default for repositories in team settings) for forks to default on team account when the user creating the fork has the permission to create a repository on the team.

    Now that projects have been implemented, our team switched to the workflow mentioned in this enhancement request, and our collaborators now need to really pay attention when creating their development fork so that they don't create it on their personal account.

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