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Issue #7297 open

Add commit history on folders (BB-8483)

Edi Modrić
created an issue


one of the top features I love GitHub for (I hope you don't mind comparing you guys to GitHub) is the ability to view the commit history for a folder.

For example: https://github.com/symfony/symfony/commits/master/src/Symfony/Component/EventDispatcher

The link above displays the commit history for src/Symfony/Component/EventDispatcher folder of the repository in a way that all commits that didn't touch the folder and any items inside of it are just filtered out.

In other words, only commits that changed something inside that foder are displayed.

Since viewing commit history for a folder in git is simple as git log src/Symfony/Component/EventDispatcher, I suppose this should be trivial to implement.

Thanks for listening!

Comments (41)

  1. Jeremy

    I agree with other people, I can't believe this feature isn't already here and also isn't in the roadmap ... I was thinking of switching from a local Gitlab to bitbucket, but this feature is really a requirement.

    Any chance to (re)add this feature in your roadmap?

  2. Edi Modrić reporter

    I agree with j0k. This is such an essential feature which seems like it's easy enough to implement, considering that most of the code is probably already existing.

  3. tuan ha

    I think this is very basic function of versioning, but still wondering what problem the team facing is, any trouble for this? TFS / GitHub provide this from the its first version.

    This request is sent over +3 years ago, but no any news from team. I'm a bit disappointed!

  4. Yury Tilis

    Agreed, this is in no way duplicate functionality. They're related, but marking this a duplicate would be a mistake, as resolving the other ticket does not necessarily resolve this one.

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