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Issue #7306 resolved

Redirects from a custom domain leads to a 404 (BB-8628)

Victor Safronovich
created an issue

When Bitbucket sends a redirect it does not take into account the custom domain.

I setted custom domain for organization account. Than I click on link https://my_domain/my_proj/changeset/my_changset, I redirected to not existing page https://my_domain/MY_ORGNAME/my_proj/commits/my_changset. If I manually remove MY_ORGNAME from url - page was loaded well.

Comments (9)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Victor,

    A little while back we went through the site and fixed the places where links to custom domains were broken. It appears we may have missed a link.

    If you let us know where you found the link it will help us greatly.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Victor Safronovich reporter

    I setted in local jenkins instance url for repo https://code.suvit.ru/defaultshop/

    Jenkins generate link to changeset https://code.suvit.ru/defaultshop/changeset/f9b7d7f69f4734bade89da2e4f7c04ca5c5fecc1

    When I click to link, browser was redirected to https://code.suvit.ru/suvitorg/defaultshop/commits/f9b7d7f69f4734bade89da2e4f7c04ca5c5fecc1/ (which 404, may be because of missing trailing slash). When I removed suvitorg from url, every works fine

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