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Issue #7328 resolved

Can't import repo from github

Anonymous created an issue

I can't import repo from github. Keeps on failing time after time!

No matter if is public or private.

Keep on getting this....

Your import has failed. For more information, check the log below. You can also try your import again.

00:18:00 git import for: https://github.com/TeamDIRT-Mazda/packages_apps_Calculator.git 00:18:00 Cloning https://github.com/TeamDIRT-Mazda/packages_apps_Calculator.git... 00:18:00 Done 00:18:00 Fixing repository permissions... 00:18:00 Computing repository size... 00:18:00 Remote Git clone failed: <class 'orochi.base.RepoError'>: 'Mazda/packages_apps_calculator' isn't a repository

Comments (38)

  1. MrGuy

    Very same issue here, doesn't matter if I use git:// or http://

    NOTE: Should say that this isn't github - I'm trying to clone from git.libssh.org

  2. Beautylish

    I'm getting the same:

    14:41:38 Fixing repository permissions... 14:41:38 Computing repository size.... 14:41:40 Remote Git clone failed: <class 'orochi.base.RepoError'>: '###' isn't a repository

  3. Danny Englander

    I'm having the same issue when I use the UI to import located at:


    ... and I've already authorized the app on the Github end so I am not sure if I should open a new issue. When I go to "view log", it simply reloads the page.

  4. Nicholas Waltham

    I am also seeing the "destination path already exists and is not an empty directory" problem too.I am attempting to import from Unfuddle. It had worked yesterday with a different repo on unfuddle....

  5. Roni Kantis

    Same problem here, tried with two private repositories from github. It should be noted that i had cloned and deleted those repos earlier, could that create the conflict?

    12:57:05 git import for: https://github.com/sopranobrainalliance/laakarikeskus-ajanvaraus-api.git 12:57:05 Cloning https://github.com/sopranobrainalliance/laakarikeskus-ajanvaraus-api.git... 12:57:05 fatal: destination path 'druidfi/laakarikeskus-ajanvaraus-api' already exists and is not an empty directory. 12:57:05 Remote Git clone failed: <class 'bitbucket.apps.async.tasks.ImportException'>: Command failed. Return value: 128

  6. Erik van Zijst staff

    @picktags we're not aware of any issues with the importer. Care to share the import log (copy/paste or a screenshot like above) with us at support@bitbucket.org ?

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