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Issue #7348 resolved

made commits from my account but appears to be commited from another account

created an issue

We are a team consist of two developers and we've created a private repository ,I've made a few commits from my account, and when I check the repository page under the Recent activity section I can see the commits made by my account, but when I open the commits tab, the commits appear to be made by the other developer's account

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff


    We have made a few changes around commits recently. Is this issue still occurring for you? If so, we need a little more information:

    • If you pushed via SSH, please make sure that SSH key is associated to the correct account
    • Can you take a screen shot of the display from each section where it differs?

    If you would prefer to post those screen shots in private, please email support@bitbucket.org and we'll help you there.


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