Add IRC notifications as a native service (BB-716)

Issue #735 wontfix
Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen
created an issue

I've just tried setting up for hgsubversion. Basically, it sucks. We have several queues — which are the most interesting to receive notifications from — and one main development repository. I'd rather not have to create projects for each and every queue, but it seems the module argument to CIA is somewhat broken, so I have no choice but to do so.

It would be mighty nice if Bitbucket instead offered its own IRC notification service. I know it's much easier to ask for it than to do it, though…

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  1. Lowerland NA

    2009-06-12 Started this request ?

    An irc notification is something that can't miss in this list ?

    And Secondly it is easy to implant, so I'm wondering why isn't it implanted yet?

    Best Regards, Lowerland

  2. Justen Stepka


    Given the brittle nature of our broker plugin system we will not be accepting new plugins using the broker system. Our recommendation is that vendors custom integrate with Bitbucket using the POST service. I know this issue has been open for a while now, however rather than keep the issue open without hope or and update we've opted to give an honest answer.

    Cheers, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

  3. HiddenKn

    Eeh, wait, you're saying you won't fix this because your broker plugin system doesn't work like it should? Huh, then shouldn't you like, fix it?

  4. HiddenKn

    Oh, yeah, sorry. Thanks for taking the effort to post a comment, but I still believe that closing it as wontfix isn't really the right approach, personally.

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