Issue #7367 resolved
Anonymous created an issue
  1. Open bitbucket
  2. Enter some word, e.g. test in the search line. Press enter
  3. It shows that there is around 7000 results, but no way to select any of them

Please see attach.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    I'm not able to reproduce this any longer, in any browser. It appears fixed. Koen, are you seeing the problem with our global search (the search box in the header), or somewhere else?

  2. koen handekyn

    to be exact i have the issue on the search box for repositories on this page: in the Repositories section

    i have access to just a bit more than 100 corporate repositories.

    by researching this a bit more it seems to be related to some cached state in my browser. i only have the issue on chrome in my main user account. if i log in from a different user account (machine level) with a fresh chrome, i don't have the issue.

  3. koen handekyn

    just to share it for your further analysis. i can confirm that with clearing ALL of the browser cache, the issue is resolved. maybe you can do something for your users from the server side to avoid that they have to clear the browser cache.

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