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Issue #737 resolved

add issue type: task (BB-717)

Jeroen Tietema
created an issue

It would be nice to have an issue type for things that just should be done. (I use that a lot in trac).

Comments (26)

  1. Alex

    right now we can specify our own components, versions, and milestones.

    it would be nice if we make our own issue 'types' (right now it's called 'kind' and includes bug/enhancement/proposal)

  2. downtown1

    Agreed completely. I am heading a project of a few people and I just picked up a few guys who just do testing, so it would be really nice to specify custom things so I can just change the status to something like 'needs testing' or 'needs confirmation'

  3. Giovanni Silva

    Essential resource! This is an question of good documentation and tracker of issue types, adapted for the reality of users. The current approach is really very uncomfortable

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