Creating site with character '+' in title results in failure

Issue #7383 resolved
Jakob Laegdsmand
created an issue

I created a private c++ repository called 'compiler++'. Since that is not a valid URL name, the url becomes 'jakoblaegdsmand/compiler'. When redirected to this page i just see "Please while we setup your repository" and this page refreshed every 5 seconds or so. It just hangs here. It seems that an error happened and the repo never got created.

The problem is that i don't to the menu of this repository, so I can't remove it.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Jakob,

    I deleted that repository since something was clearly not working right. I don't think that having a '+' in the name was the problem. Please try creating the repository again. Let me know if there are more issues.


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