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Issue #7396 resolved

The text editor is losing line breaks

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  1. Dmitrii Semikin

    This does not work for me for some reason. I tried <br>, <br/>, <br /> and <BR>, but this does not break the line. It just literally insert the tag in text. (I'm trying to break the line in wiki).

    Can you, please, explain, why it behaves this way and how can I break the line?


  2. sean.d.matthews

    Yeah, this is not a good way to do this. Think about how people are using comments-- pasting debug output. Sometimes that debug output can be many lines. I don't want to go through and put something at the end of every line.

  3. Euan Reid

    Quite possibly the most stupid design decision ever, given we've had a long time of people quite happily accepting the idea of a line break meaning there will be a new line. Reflavouring the markdown so it matches users' expectations and functions intuitively is the correct fix, not using the horribly hacky "two spaces for a clear line break" the creator chose. It'd be like saying we need to pronounce gif as jif.

  4. Anton Koster

    perhaps you guys can add an option in the user settings OR in the Wysiwyg edit with a cookie so it remembers my settings?:

    17-04-2015 09-41-44.png

    or use the ⏎ character in it... it's just fast example

    It really frustrates me as designer, because i write the text in your edit but the result is totally different, it's called a Wysiwyg for a reason right? (what you see is what you get)

  5. Chris Graham

    This is stupid. Nobody wants to reformat copy&pasted text, and regardless it needs to be intuitive. If Markdown has a default behaviour we don't like, Bitbucket should make it configurable in Markdown and change the default configuration. If Markdown doesn't already have some sense of text context, it is worth giving it one.

  6. Kevin Preller

    "It's not a bug, it's a feature."

    "Preston Waters: Agree again, this is ridiculous, and it has annoyed me to the point that I am looking for an alternative issue tracking system."

    We will move to another system for future projects because of this too. I can't believe this issue is marked as "resolved".

  7. Kevin Preller

    Jeffrey Kranenburg I think it simply is counter-intuitive. 90% of the developers I work with know markdown from GitHub, where it works like you expect it. Every person we try to work with is having problems when using BitBucket issues because of the line breaks. You have to explain to them they need to use double spaces on each line break.

    Especially when trying to copy/paste text into the editor; it's different if you get an unformatted result vs a completely different result because all of your line break get lost.

    Yes, this is "how the syntax works". But for me this is a major flaw in the markdown syntax itself. And I'm not alone with that. This was discussed on StackOverflow a time ago: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/26011/should-the-markdown-renderer-treat-a-single-line-break-as-br

    "A markup should not break elementary common sense rules in order to provide other elevated functionality."

    This is just bad user experience and if this "is how markdown works", maybe markdown isn't that great for an issue tracker. Which might be the reason companies like GitHub customized it to match the requirements better - and Bitbucket should do the same or embed a better suited alternative to markdown.

  8. Patrick Breitenbach

    Why would you ever want a newline not to be a newline? That's an HTML thing, not a Markdown thing.

    Edit: I guess it has to do with supporting email text which apparently breaks lines that aren't actually broken. So markdown default puts them back together.

  9. Marcelo Limori

    Meanwhile... Double trailing spaces seem to do nothing at all. What do you do if you want just one simple line in the between a code box and your text? I guess use something else.

  10. Ilya Savinkov

    Life hack: if you need to see all "eaten" newlines in somebody's message:
    1. Open Developer Console (F12 or Right Click - Inspect)
    2. Add CSS rule white-space: pre-line; to the block with broken text.

  11. Nathan Salmon

    I gave it a go, but I really I can't understand this design decision. If a user has to search Google, find a bug logged against the product, and read the resolution in order to figure out how to use a line feed, doesn't the feel like an inefficient design that would lead to a less than ideal user experience? This sort of situation isn't isolated to this specific example.

    A bit of unsolicited advice: From a user experience initiative, it might be a good idea to take a look at the number of view hits on "resolved" issues, and take another look at improving the resolution for those that are high on the list.

  12. Joseph Keller

    Is this forreal? The ONLY way I found out about this was to Google it and I finally stumbled onto after wasting my time trying to find it.

    Were you guys honestly expecting anyone to figure this out by accident? Get a clue.

  13. David Caldarelli

    Wow, that is a surprising result, and runs contrary to the bitbucket on-line help that I found before I found this page.

    Erik van Zijst et al, please get someone to fix the "Paragraph" section of this page to teach your users the two-space requirement: https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucketserver/markdown-syntax-guide-776639995.html Thanks.

    PS - it's also worth noting that bitbucket is kind enough to import a texty version of the changelogs into a Pull Request, which includes 4 spaces at the beginning of lines that fall under each commit. If there was any way bitbucket could automatically interpret these 4 spaces (which are always after a CR) as an instruction to display a CR on the pull request page, instead of removing the CR that is mid-paragraph, that would make it look awesome and be fully automatic.

  14. linuxlars

    I agree, this is ridiculous. I've spent 20 minutes so far trying to get that to work in a code block and nada. One would expect this to work just like markdown, CR/LF/CRLF at the end of the line breaks to the new line. This can't be a hard fix.

    For what it's worth, after 28 minutes, I gave up and attached a screen shot.

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