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Dominik Bułaj
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As we can now edit files directly in bitbucket, why we couldn't be able to tag code from source view (any branch)? This would be really great feature.

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  1. Dominik Bułaj reporter

    Hi Michael,

    form source view - or maybe better commits view /user/project/commits/all when opening commit details (/user/project/commits/hash) there's Approve button. Would be nice to have option to create tag from current commit. I know it can be done e.g. using Source Tree but we need to push new commit to do this. This is just idea / proposal based on one of last (cool) features - edit files directly inside Bitbucket.

  2. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Dominik,

    I've added this to our internal issue tracker. It's not on our immediate road map, but we'll prioritize it and let you know when we've got more to share.


  3. Juha Kuitunen

    You can already add new tag to Mercurial repo using web UI. Just copy the hash of commit you want to tag and add it manually into .hgtags in root folder of your repo.

    Git repositories still need a way to do it using web UI.

  4. CassianoS

    Where on the priority list is this? Top, I hope? I have to release and tag versions constantly and find it rather time consuming to do so. I would really welcome a way to do it on the web UI. Thanks.

  5. s

    Agreed, seems silly to be able to create a Branch and not be able to TAG. Scenario for us is that when we create a release branch we immediately TAG it for the initial Release build. I created the branch from the BitBucket UI and then had to go to my desktop to create & Push the TAG.

  6. Michael Backus

    +1 I'm thinking about using Bitbucket with my students. This single feature would make a big difference with respect to how useful they would find using Bitbucket for their projects (some of them will only be able to use Bitbucket online).

  7. Glowackos

    +1 For the time being I've just been creating extra branches for this purpose instead, which is silly and I shouldn't be forced to do that when the web interface is capable of providing all this other awesome stuff already... Please implement this soon? plzplzplz?

  8. lexingxie

    Hello - I am traveling out of Canberra with sporadic email access. With exceptions to a few matters already needing urgent attention, I will attend to your email after my return on 30 Jan. thank you for your patience.?


  9. s

    I will be out of the office from Friday March 20 through Friday March 27, returning on Monday March 30.

    If you need immediate assistance, please contact Crissy Buhr, Crissy.Buhr@amphionmedical.com, or Peter Schmidtka, Peter.Schmidtka@amphionmedical.com.

    If this is a emergency situation, please contact Amphion's On Call support at (608)227-0560 extension 5100.

    Thanks, - Shane

  10. Daniel Mägerli

    +1 – the ticket was created 2 years ago and nothing has happened, that's almost impossible from a priorization perspective of view. Lots of people would be glad to have this feature, thanks Atlassian for adding it soon.

  11. Michael B

    I believe their focus isn't to replace technology, but rather enhance it. From that standpoint, given that this could be done in git, it would be an improvement yes, but not an enhancement/new feature. Well, new feature to their built-in suite, but not new feature to tech enthusiasts, right?

  12. Heme

    +1 That is 63 +1s on this page! How many more do you need?

    I need to tag bitbucket commits from deployment tasks in bamboo. Of course, it would be even better if Bamboo had this ability built into a deployment task.

  13. Manu Dev

    +1 This will definitely help a lot. There are a LOT of '+1' for this feature, would someone from staff care to comment whether it is even possible for them to take this up ?

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe you can allow external developers to contribute? Then for example the team I'm working with can help.

    This feature is rather "must have soon" than "maybe someday".

  15. Anonymous

    +1, yet again. Over 370 upvotes and still no real response from staff for nearly 2 years. This seems like such a small feature, considering branching and merging is already fully available, and you could create quite a bit of goodwill with your end user community by adding such small yet time reducing features. It's one of the most frustrating things to have to go back to command line, just to tag a release.

  16. Ian Frisbie

    --- I don't want this feature. It makes no sense. I'm glad you guys have ignored your community for 2 years. Keep ignoring them, they'll come back from github eventually.

  17. Anonymous

    They recently "killed" Stash and now they have: Bitbucket Server (Stash) and Bitbucket Cloud (The same old Bitbucket).

    The "Server" version include some cool features like automated branch merge based on workflows.

    I hope they will improve Cloud version now since they are selling it as the same product.

  18. Anonymous

    Performance is balls en this is still not implemented. Farewell BitBucket, we transfered to GitLab. 👋

  19. Michael B

    Currently, there is a free add-on I see in the Atlassian marketplace called "The Tag Maker". It says it can "Creating tags was never easier, create them from the commit overview". This isn't exactly what was requested in this ticket, but I figured it might be worth mentioning here.

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