Wiki documentation and feature support on link markups is very poor

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Igor Santos
created an issue

I'm trying to create a Markdown wiki and got a hard time creating friendly links between my pages and files. Noticeable problems I've found:

  • Markup like [Authentication] does not link automatically to my file, and I have to write something like [Authentication](Authentication) what sounds somewhat redundant.
  • There are several help pages explaining how amazing it is to link files, commits and changesets in a wiki, but none of those explain that the syntax is only for Creole wikis. Also, there's no example on those pages (what would help people notice the markup is Creole-only). You can even see by the comments that there's a lot of people facing the same issues I had, and there's no comment helping back.
  • Additionally, those Creole extensions should be expanded to cover the other file formats as well.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Igor,

    Thanks for the feedback! To each of your points above:

    • The duplicate issue. This should be fixed within the next week, using the following syntax - [[Authentication]]
    • This is an issue, we will work to clean this up and specify which Wiki markup is valid for each part of the documentation
    • Making those extensions available for each markup language is something we considered, however we preferred to leave that as Creole only. Unfortunately this is not something we'll be fixing at this time.

    Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see, and we'll update the duplicate issue later this week once linking Markdown wiki pages becomes easier.


  2. Igor Santos reporter

    thanks for the answer, Michael!

    If you're not willing to include those extensions to the other languages, please at least don't forget to specify what works and what not in the wiki, it's very misleading/confusing (:

  3. Jez Hill

    @Michael Frauenholtz I've just found out that [[this]] syntax works, and that's great because a markdown-to-html converter processes [[these]] links correctly but will not produce a valid link target from [this](this) (the latter is actually an abuse of the Markdown standard). My question is, though: [[this syntax | this]], i.e. the MediaWiki way of making your link text differ from your link target, does not appear to be supported: is there some wikilink-compatible syntax that achieves the same thing? Sure you can do it like [before](this) but then you're abusing the standard again and markdown-to-html converters will have trouble.

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