It's impossible to view the Bitbucket home page without signing out (BB-8614)

Issue #7410 wontfix
James Foye
created an issue

There's some useful information on the home page. Strangely, once I am signed in, I can't get to it.

It seems pretty standard to have a "Home" link anywhere on a site, and there is one at the top of my dashboard review. But it takes me right back to dashboard review. The status bar says the link is

but this is false advertising! It is actually turned into

Give me a link for the home page. Then, give me a link for my dashboard, that's great. Put it in big purple neon letters if you like. But don't take away my ability to do something as simple as navigate to the site's home page.

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  1. James Foye reporter

    I received an email and it said I could respond to Michael's question by responding to the email, which I did. But my answer never appeared here in the issue history.

  2. James Foye reporter

    Here is my response, copied in from the sent email:


    I don’t think I should really have to be answering the question, “Why would I want to view the home page on your site?”. In this case, it was because I am currently a free member, and I remember that pricing plans were on the home page. They are probably somewhere else on the site – but why should I have to go looking? What if there is an important announcement on the home page, or I want to access any of the other links I know are likely to be found there, such as the contact page, the about page, links to detailed plan comparisons, etc.?

    Why hide the home page from me??

    I can point out numerous examples of vendor sites where I have an account, and the home page URL does not redirect me somewhere else – even though I am logged in as soon as I arrive. (Of course there will be somewhere on the home page a prominent link or menu item that is specific to my account).

    The more I think about it, the more bizarre this behavior seems to me.

    Regards Jim

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi James,

    I see. We have had numerous discussions on making plans and billing easier to find on our website (for example in the header or footer), we just never got around to it. We are aware that it is hard to find. We are also working on a new support page that will make a lot of the information easier to find.

    That said the Bitbucket homepage is purely a marketing page for users who are new to Bitbucket. It is not intended for users who have already signed up.

    I believe it is very common practice to have a marketing page and a dashboard page linked to the home page. For example, and have this exact pattern.

    With this in mind we will not be changing how our home page redirects, but we do plan to make some of the information on that page more readily available.

    Cheers, Brian

  4. ahmedsaoudi

    Hi Brian, I know that this may be a little late, but what about public repos or, at least, popular ones ? Home page is a great place to 'feature' them, isn't ? :)

  5. Anonymous

    i agree with the OP, this is just bad UX, not to mention that "dashboard" is nowhere to be found on the profile page. (i saw the dashboard article in "Latest Features", went looking for the word "dashboard" in my profile. nothing. ok, maybe the "activity" tab? that one only has some kinds of activity. ok, back to actually read the article: how do i get to that dashboard thing? turns out the article is very careful to not disclose the url or how to get there!) stop hijacking the "/" path from logged-in users, make the top-left-corner "Bitbucket" link lead to the actual home page and add a separate link to "Dashboard", and you won't even have to update the /whats-new article since the path to the dashboard will be self-evident, not to mention coming up with redundant ways to present the same information.

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