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Issue #7414 wontfix

Old issues list was more legible

Aryeh Leib Taurog
created an issue

This isn't a new issue. The issues list changed quite a while ago, but I still dislike it.

The old issue tracker was clean, uniform, uncluttered, and easy to scan. I liked the fact that each issue took up the same amount of vertical space and the font was large enough to be readable but small enough to maximize the space in terms of number of listings displayed.

Then everything changed and it's a pain every time I use it. The font is bigger and the issue titles are broken into multiple lines. (Scaling the font size in my browser hasn't helped.) The grey component tags just clutter that space further, making it difficult to read. There are at least six different colors in there. The graphics are not quite conventional enough to be obvious, which makes them more distracting than informative. All in all, there's less information there and it's much harder to scan through it quickly and find what I need.

Comments (3)

  1. Brian Nguyen


    Thank you for your feedback. We are aware that the issue list is cramped. I assure you we went through many iterations to provide all the information that is needed while working within a confined space. The new issue list is also much more consistent with the overall look and feel of the site than the old one was.

    I am sorry that you do not find this to be an improvement.

    While, we do not have plans to revisit the issue tracker in the near future, we do regularly update areas of our site and so we will take this into consideration next time. However, I can confirm that we will not be reverting to the old issue list UI.

    Cheers, Brian

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