Commit name consists of all number appear to be a link; clicking redirects to 404

Issue #7422 wontfix
Leo Style
created an issue

Follow these steps to recreate the issue: Make a commit whose name consists of all number Push it * Go to Overview page The commit name appears to be a link. When click, it redirects to 404 page.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Leo,

    On the Overview page, whenever we see text that may be a commit hash, we link to it. It looks like your text is a date, but that could also be a valid commit hash. We don't want to avoid linking to a commit when appropriate, so we will leave this as is.

    I would suggest using a separator for your date text (like 20/05/2013), which we will not link, or just understanding that those links on your Overview page will go nowhere.


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