I cannot pull this morning!!!

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I used to work well before, but today suddenly I cannot pull. It always reports: connection reset by peer.

Strange thing is some offices work, but some not.

  • Sydney of Australia: work
  • Shanghai of China: not work
  • New York of US: not work

I not not sure who to assign. But it's really really blocking!!!

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  1. Brian Nguyen


    We have received some reports that access to Bitbucket from China is currently blocked. We understand that the block is on SSH so you may be able to use HTTPS to access your repositories. Alternatively, you can contact your ISP to resolve any issues.

    That said, we have not heard any reports of issues accessing the site from within the US. Can you elaborate what the symptoms are when trying to pull from NY?

    Cheers, Brian

  2. ChristineXYS reporter

    Hi Brian, thank you very much for your quick report.

    My IT expert worked on this issue yesterday, and we found that your repository server ip is blocked by China great wall firewall. Maybe you need more mirror server to make it work.

    Thanks & regards, Christine

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Christine,

    I am really sorry but unfortunately there is not much we can do if China decides to block us. We just don't have the resources at the moment to continually add mirrors when this occurs.

    We hope that they change their minds and remove the block soon.

    My sincerest apologies, Brian

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