Batch mail pull request comments (BB-8620)

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Jendrik Seipp
created an issue

Currently everyonce participating in a code review gets emailed every comment right away and there's no way of knowing if there are more comments coming up or if the collaborator is done reviewing.

It would be nice if there was an option to hold the comments and send them out all at once when the reviewer selects it or when a certain time period has passed. If this is implemented it might make sense to send the comments in a single mail.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jendrik,

    We have just recently revisited how we generate notifications and we are pretty happy with what we have.

    The threading of the emails work well and sending an mail for each change lets you see how much activity has happened since you last looked.

    Thanks for understanding,


  2. Jeremy Ong

    I disagree strongly with this sentiment. Sometimes when you leave a comment, something later on renders a previous comment obsolete. Also, the person receiving the comments has no way to know when the reviewer is done submitting comments to be read as a batch.

    Finally, not everybody appreciates the email spam. Higher level managers and architects just want an overview, not a play by play.

    Please reconsider prioritizing this as perhaps a separate option at least. This is the thing about the work flow that I personally, and my entire team of 15 engineers or so dislike the most.

  3. Ged Moretta

    I agree with Jendrik and Jeremy - if I am doing a code review for a check-in of, say ~20 files, I want the original poster to get one email telling them that I have commented on his check-in. If they are getting bombarded with 20 (or more) individual emails for each comment then after a while they are going to just ignore them - or stop using the code review tool

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